Welcome to 2021.  As many of you know, I am constantly trying to find ways to improve my Blogging Skills.  During winter break I took some time off to contemplate a formula for content production.  I decided to end my streams by writing basic blog post of what went down in the streams or whatever else I want to talk about.  
Last night we set up the good old OBS for the New PC.  The plan is to get a network adapter so I can have a streaming PC and dedicate the old PC to the program that I am running.  This way I can add entertaining elements to my streams.  Like animations and fun transitions.
The first stream of 2021 got off to a rough start.  My brand new PC kept freezing.  I thought I resolved the issue but right before I was about to go live it froze again.  After about forty minutes with HP bot tech support I finally found a solution.  Expect a future post about the Bios Update fix.  
So far after the update I have not had any problems. ….. My optimism has improved by 0.001% (knock on wood).  
Tomorrow I look forward to returning to the Digital Sketchbook and painting again.  It’s been two weeks since I painted a thing and I am already starting to feel the itch. 
That is all I got for today.  If you want to learn some things about live streaming and obs.  Check out the Archived live stream below and I’ll have tutorials soon. 
Outside of that. I appreciate you stopping in and checking out this post.  Feel free to scroll down to find other content you might enjoy, ways to support and prints for purchase. 
Don’t forget to be the best you that you can be and take it easy. 
Later, Later

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