My Brand NEW HP Envy Desktop te01 desktop Freezes every 15 minutes. This is why I have to make unedited videos on my old PC. Monday we will see how customer support goes. Hopefully HP Support has a solution but for now things will just have to be like this. So for my stimi money I decided to get a 3D printer. I want to model my own characters and do macro photography. I have been thinking about it for years. What spawned the idea was when I started painting Warhammer models. I really enjoyed it and I love the community. But after a couple of models I started to get depressed. I was painting someone else’s creation. My ideas were getting neglected. So I went back to painting. On a whim I finally got one. As I waited for the Ender 3 Max to ship from Australia, it dawned on me that I have nowhere to put it. It was finally time to address my hoarder problem. So I essentially spent the last two week sorting my sh*t out being really depressed and really drunk. They one day i woke up from a blackout to a clean….er studio and a home for the printer that arrived a couple hours later. Unfortunately I still wanted to sort through more junk and daytime duties prevented me from setting up my Endress Mistress. But finally the day came and we are ready to print and another new learning curve presented itself. A challenge I am more the happier except. I have years of ideas for 3d printed art that i am ready to implement so yeah thats all i got for today. For a while my art channel will focus on 3D but eventually my work will be presented in stages. Digital Art, to 3d modeling, to 3D render, to 3D print, to sculpture paintings to macro photography. This will generate multiple prints, nfts, sti files and paraphernalia. But most of all create a focused theme for galleries. Having consistent work for display has been the bane of my body of work. All right be the best you that you can be. Take it easy later, laters.

Lemme Know Whacha Thinking

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