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Finally, It is fall.  The time of year when it finally starts to cool off.  The leaves fall and the coffee starts to brew.  I live in the oppressive Florida heat and each year it would seem my online presence seems to fall off the face of the Earth.  It is almost like I go into hibernation from June to October online.  I am a very impulsive creature and feel very ashamed at times that I haven’t been working on the website.  At least that is the case most years.  But this year I don’t feel so bad.  I realized that as the heat turns up I retreat into isolation and education.  This year I embraced it.  I leveled up in so many ways.  I focused on painting on canvas and entered into local Art events.  Way out of my comfort zone.  The local art community has enriched me in so many ways this summer.  When I wasn’t at an event I was tinkering with my 3d printer and toying with Blender.  A few weeks ago I feel like I really started to crack the code 3d modeling and am super jazzed about it.  I’ve had epic ideas about what I can do with 3d printing for years but had a lot to learn and things to acquire.  This summer was spent doing just that.  Now that fall is finally here, It is time to fire up those pistons of content creation and I have many more pistons this year.  The downside to taking summers off is that it kills my algorithm exposure and SEO.  I don’t think I’ll be able to go on sabbatical again next year.  My main goal right now is to be working on BAMvfx exclusively by summer of 2022.  Currently I work out doors repairing pool and equipment forty hours a week.  Though I love that kind of work, in the summer time it really affects what I can produce.  I’m also accepting that I am not as spry as I used to be.  Going into 2022 I am emboldened with confidence that my toolbox will break me out of the nine to five grind.  I’ve learned a lot this summer and met a lot of awesome people.  But, now it is time to turn off the tutorials, crank up the synthwave, knuckle down and create.  I am out of practice with my writing structure but feel compelled to post this as is. 

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