A lot of exciting things are happening.  This is my most challenging time of year.  I work eight hours a day in the hot sun at my dayjob and come home exhausted.  Today the temperature showed 99 degrees in both my car and at work but the weather report showed 91 degrees.  That was kind of weird. But, I digress.  I can see every year a sharp decrease in my workflow and content during the summer mode.  I cannot afford to slip this year.  So I am initiating what I like to call, “head out of ass mode”.  Next month I have myself set up for both Art Walk and an Art Battle next month.  As a result of this during the summer my content will be less polished.  I got to go gerilla this summer.  I think back to something we use to say in the Army, “Shoot, Move, Communicate”.  To combat the heat I am living a healthier lifestyle and going to bed between 6 and 8 so that my artwork gets my fresh energy.  This month I am tweeting old digital paintings for small prints and selecting the most popular for live events.  As well as relearning how to paint on canvas.  A fellow streamer Jimmy The Brush and Princess gave me some great advice.  That was to do the best I can and that there is only so much I can do.  This really gave me some perspective as to not get overwhelmed and to enjoy the moment and the process.  Thanks Jimmy and Pricess.  That is all I have for today as I got to prepare to be radiated by that giant burning ball in the sky.  Don’t forget to be the best you that you can be. Take it easy.  Later, laters.  


Lemme Know Whacha Thinking

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