The new Digital Sketchbook.  Digital Sketchbook 2020.  The original digital sketchbook grew to big.  I attempted to organize the 250 plus videos and realized how complex it had gotten.  So I decided to make the sketchbook fresh at the start of each year.  From now on every year we will add some details to, "Starting Eye" (below).  Click on the pics to watch the vlogs and read all about it.  As branches emerge new pages will be add.

I look forward to watching the, "Starting Eye" evolve over the next few years.

"The Watcher" To my surprise the second installment of the 2020 Digital Sketchbook was print worthy.  Tap the picture to watch the Vlog, read about it and find prints.

2020 # 3  Yep, It's a sketch.  This coal produces some great diamonds though.

Stairway generated the first branch of the digital sketchbook.  I wanted to work on it some more and along the way it produces more Digital Sketches.

prints available

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