Hello, all you awesome people. I just had my first major issue with 3d printing but first a quick update on my PC issues. Saturday I stayed up late with HP Support who did all the tech things. Most of what I had already done. For some reason the bios will not update. I think at least I hope I will be good for a couple of weeks. But I am optimistic that the tech got frustrated with my problem and there is a log of the issue. Maybe the overseers at HP will find it in their hearts to descend from mount Olympus and exchange this tower for a functional one. Tech support was supposed to follow up with a phone call. During the interaction my phone number was requested 3 times. The time came for them to call and I got a request for my phone number again via email instead. Very suspect. Very suspect indeed. But for the time being we are sitting at over 72 hours without a system failure. However I have not attempted to edit a video yet. Anywho, I had my first major snag on the 3d printer. The extruder tube done got dislodged from the heat goo box. Sorry I am still learning my 3d vocabulary. Now I have to take shroud off for the repair. Unfortunately, the Allen screw is rounded so I am probably going to have to break it in extraction. Meaning waiting for another screw. That thing is one there tighter than a dolphin’s butt. And that is water tight. I’m not bothered or stressed about it though. As I wait, I have been practicing more in Blender when I can. Currently I am the only able bodied person at my day job, so it looks like I got a few long days ahead of me. Bad timing on changing my diet too. Cutting carbs got my system in knots. But, I am too far ahead of the game to quit now. I really should be sleeping but the excitement of projects haunts me. That I stopped drinking so my brain is trying to process the chemical deficiency. I am thankful that I am super busy with a lot on my plate right now. I have a lot to learn 3d modeling. Check out the vlog above for a more colorful off the cuff take. Don’t forget to be the best you that you can be and have a good one. Later, laters.

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