2021’s first session painting came a little later than I thought. But, for good reasons.  I got some new equipment for recording and streaming.  I have been spending the last week working out all of the bugs.  Still got some things to work out but at some point I had to stop the strive for perfection and get back to painting.  
Some of you may have seen this painting a few times before.  That is because every year I work on it for a couple of hours.  It has become the starting point for new Digital Sketchbooks.  This is why I call it, “The Starting Eye”.  Elements for the original can be seen in most of my work.  
I got really good vibes working on this, this year.  Not sure what the first Digital Sketch is going to be yet.  I’ll probably do a little more detail first.
Above is the short Artcast where I give the cliff notes of what went down in the live stream and my thoughts.  Below is a link to the Archived Live Stream.
I appreciate you checking out this post.  Scroll down to find other content you will like. As well as, prints and other goodies. 
Don’t forget to be the best you that you can be and have a good one.
Later,  Laters. 
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