In this ArtCast we talk about a rough start to the year, New Equipment and basic blocking of Vampira I’m still working the bugs out of my new set up but it is all starting to come together. Technical issues put me behind so the blog will be short today. At my day job I had no idea what I would be painting tonight. I thought I would just be working in the Digital Sketchbook. When I got home I had to reset all of my settings because of a system restore I had to do last night. It didn’t take me long though. Once I opened Photoshop I new it was time to get back to Portraits. From there it was to decide who to paint. I went with Vampira Maila Nurmi. The only thing I really know about Maila is the iconic footage and that she was in Plan 9. I look forward to researching this week and learning more. Having reinstalled Photoshop, I had to make new brushes and I just took elements from these iconic photos to do so. It was really had to pull myself away from only two hours of painting but I guess sleep is required and I wanted to make the video and post this blog. I have opened my commission and discuss in the video that I will only take on work I can stream and make content of. That is about it. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to be the best you that you can be. Take it easy, Later Laters.

Lemme Know Whacha Thinking

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