“Stairway” was the fourth painting of the 2020 Digital Sketchbook.  I decided to turn “Stairway” into a finished piece.  As I do that, I pull out other sketches from the details.  “Stairway” produced 4 paintings and these are those painting.

The Second Print of the 2020 Digital Sketchbook.  “We are here” was a happy surprise.  Watch the video then scroll down to find the prints and other content.
The sketchbook is pistons are firing back up.  After working hard on other content and working on this site I am excited to get back to painting this week.  Null Zen Creek was actually done a couple of weeks ago.  It was very meditative.  If I recall correctly I had an exhausting day and just wanted to keep it calm.  Painting water seems to be relaxing and I had a few people chatting with me in the live stream.
The Emerald King is the 7th Digital Sketch from the 2020 Digital Sketchbook.   As of typing this it is April 15th (what should have been tax day).  Looks like the 2020 book is getting to a bad start.  This year have been very distracting to say the least.  In “The Emerald King”, I wanted to move away from the purple dominance most of my work are seen this year.  Watch and listen to the Art Cast to see where I found the concept for The Emerald King.
“The Hunter”, is the eighth painting from the Digital Sketchbook series of 2020 and one of my favorites of the year so far.  I can see a lot of my artist influences shine though on this one.  The cape has a “Spawn” feel. ” Spawn” was created by Todd McFarland .   I remember as a kid reading a lot of Spawn.  Probably was my favorite art style of the era.  What this one really reminds me of is “Vampire Hunter D”.  As the character started to reveal it’self, I was thinking more and more about that movie.   
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