Featuring "Heir to the Throne"

This is a very special digital painting to me.  It was one of the first when I really started rendering details.  There also is a spiritual connection as well.  Listen the Artcast Podcast below to hear the very unnerving story.  You can also read more below as well.  Prints are available too.

In 2015 I painted, “Heir to the Throne”.  I imagined what kind of species would rise up should humans leave or become extinct.  The Octopus is fascinating to me.  Super intelligent, they are nature’s most craft escape artist and hunter.  They can change shape, open jars and mimic almost any color and texture.  In my concept I knew that they had to leave the ocean in order to take evolutionary steps to the next level.  They would have to craft tool and eventually that requires fire.  They would have wonder away from the water.  Two years later news stories came out that depicted just that.  They started crawling out of the water and escaping from aquariums.  Every story I came across would remind me of, “Heir to the Throne”.  Watch the Artcast Podcast Above for more details.  I do have print options available.  A high end Metal print and quality poster print starting at 19.99.  Below that is some other articles you might like and the gift shop.  I also have some interesting references down there.  I appreciate you stopping by.  Don’t forget to be the best you that you can be and have an outstanding day.

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A controversial study has a new spin on the otherworldliness of the octopus


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