The Original Digital Sketchbook Tree.  As of Jan 1st 2020 I lost track of the order of the 1st Digital Sketchbook.  Over time I’ll piece it together.  And that is the function of this page.  As the book branches we will make more pages.  I plan on doing this over a long period of time alternating between the old book and the new book Digital Sketchbook 2020.  Click the Thumbnails to watch and read about them.

The first in the book.  “The Starting Eye” shares the starting point with the 2020 Digital Sketchbook.  Every year I will add a couple of hours of details to this piece and start a new sketchbook.  See the original video by clicking here.  (no voice over).  Click on the picture to view the updated version.  Keep scrolling for more content.

# 2 from the first book, “Bear Patrol”.  While painting this on I started to feel confident about the Digital Sketchbook project.

#3 “Perfect Activity” an Alien on another world watching Terran TV.

#4 “Quality Control” a genetic scientist bent on creating monsters.

#5 80’s Shuttle Craft.  Inspired by the scifi of the time.

#6 Strange Fish was a magical experience

#7 Planet Morrisville was a return to my celestial roots.

Eye Guy Crusoe

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