“The Hunter”.  Check out the Artcast Podcast video below.  Then keep on scrolling to read the word and find the prints.

“The Hunter”, is the eighth painting from the Digital Sketchbook series of 2020 and one of my favorites of the year so far.  I can see a lot of my artist influences shine though on this one.  The cape has a “Spawn” feel. ” Spawn” was created by Todd McFarland .   I remember as a kid reading a lot of Spawn.  Probably was my favorite art style of the era.  What this one really reminds me of is “Vampire Hunter D”.  As the character started to reveal it’self, I was thinking more and more about that movie.   

I enjoy exaggerated styles in art and that joy in turn translates into my own works.  I feel this character will return and I am wanting to develop the concept further.  I also plan on making a review for Vampire Hunter D.  Surprisingly, It is available on YouTube.  Click Here

In the Artcast Podcast video above,  I elaborate on my thought process while painting, “The Hunter”.  I also discuss horror in fiction.  Check it out and if you like consider giving the channel a subscription.  

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I am running a limited edition Poster Prints of “The Hunter” so check it out.  Art sales help keep this site going. . 
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