I really enjoy locking myself in a dark room with some random objects , lights and my Nikon.  Painting with light is a technique I learned in college.  In photography it is setting a low shutter speed and manipulating the picture with light.  I’ll use all sorts of different light sources for effects.  My go to favorite has got to be the trusty Chem Lights or glow stick as the kids like to say.


Being a tin foil hat paranoid fellow, I never trade in my old phones.  Fortunately they don’t sit in shelves unused.  With a color flashlight app I can achieve any color I like.  This is how can create dynamic lighting.

The Greatest thing about painting with light is that you are only limited by your imagination.  There is a lot of room for improvisation, planning and creativity.

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Painting with light you can create some real ghostly effects.  Below is an old tutorial I created on youtube on how to paint with light.  I will probably update this soon.  Now in 2020 smart phone’s “Pro” mode can create a lot of these effect.

The video is a little dated but it goes over the basic concepts.

The Camera I use the Nikon D7200.  Click the Affiliate link below or the NiKon photo for details.  Affiliate links help support BAMvfx and lets web algorithms understand the value of this website.

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This blog post has been brought you by “Strange Fish”.  “Strange Fish” is some of my artwork.  This art is what fuels the creativity behind my content and financially BAMvfx largest driving force.

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