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“Anyone who has ever said humans have never walked with dinosaurs has never been to the Florida Everglades“.

Spring of 2019 we took a day drive down the Tamiami Trail.  We started down some back country roads north of the trail and to our surprise was greeted by a sweet spring smell.  I’m use to the septic smells of Louisiana bayous or the man made summer swamps of New Jersey.  The mornings are still cool and as the sun came up, the woodland critters began to wake up and the night shift was bedding down.  Almost as soon as we drove into the bush, opportunity presented it’s with a hawk in a few feet from the the jeep trail.  I got this awesome photos.

Apparently I was unprepared

So I done did it again.  Every time I go out I forget about the last time I used my camera.  I then tell myself, “Always do some calibration shots”.  As soon as I noticed that the photo was black, I noticed my coffee Thermos also failed.  Failed all over my father’s jeep floor board.  After about 5 minutes of cleaning coffee and self loathing, we were back on the trail.  I was still stewing in my juices.  I stopped my train of thought, took a couple of deep breaths and at that moment the universe threw me a second chance.  As we drove an owl flew next to us and perched on branch.  I called to stop the jeep again.  Probably only 100 feet for the coffee clean up.  I got out and sneaked in for a shot.

owl3 owl2 owl1

Now usually about this time the subject is on to my presence and leaves. But this owl must of had a wild night.  I was puzzled that it was even out.  However, I understood.  It got me thinking about the phrase, “night owl”.  I am a night owl. Is owl who enjoys walking on the wild side a day owl?  To my surprise our owl friend was indifferent to what we were doing.  Guess it was a night owl because it seemed ready to just go to sleep.

Hey brah, I just had long night at the club and I just want to crash Hey brah, I just had long night at the club and I just want to crash

It buried it’s face to get some shut eye.

owl5 owl6

Knowing my shot was not in focus, I had to let out a little, “Ca Cahh Ca Cahh Tooky Tooky”. Then I got the shot I was looking for.


We continued down the road.


Down the way the road was blocked off.  About 2 miles down there is an abandoned hotel.  Time did not permit a 2 mile hike but the mutt and I will be coming back for a solo mission soon.  I was able to capture a couple of minutes of Everglades audio and look forward to exploring this trail. I want to get down there before the bugs become unbearable.


By the time we got out of the woods it was time for the cold blooded beast to warm in the sun. Next up the backwater canals in the hope to spot some gators.

Spotted One Spotted One

I’m a seasoned Florida resident.  I know in the spring time they never disappoint.  Being cold blooded, they have to sun themselves before feeding.  They like to sleep in and about 10 am they drag themselves out of bed and struggle to find motivation.  They must be night owls too.   First stop H.P. Williams Roadside Park. This park is your best chance to see alligators outside a gator ranch zoo.  There is a nice boardwalk where you can view them in relative safety.  However the tourist are unpredictable and it is best to avoid eye contact.  I am certain travelers feed the gators here because they will swim right up to the waters edge.  This feller came up to me looking for some KFC.

gt1 gt2 gt3

This gator’s hopes of my dropping in some chicken granted me a great opportunity.  I got some great shots to calibrate my camera for later candid opportunities.  Plus some assets for digital painting and some awesome overlays for digital design and other creative pursuits.

I can see this as an Alien Skyscraper I can see this as an Alien Skyscraper Texture Gold in them there scales Texture Gold in them there scales

It was at this time a Diva showed up.  We will just call her Paris.

That's Hot That’s Hot

I was mesmerized by her body language, skin tones and carefree attitude.  She drew me in and I could not look away.  Afterward, I felt dirty due to the amount of images I viewed of Paris.


I eventually lost interest and she became lame.  So we drove up the road a bit to some spots I know.  That is when we spotted this little one sunning.


Who was chased off by the Boss.


Looking at this photo later in Photoshop, I thought I had a scratch on my lens.  I studied the surrounding photos but could not see the scratch.  I went back and zoomed in to find it is fishing line blowing in the wind.  Our boss stole someone’s catch.


Then in the side bar of my nature feed, I seen Paris come back in my recomended viewing.


And now I had a double feature.


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