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On this edition of Full Roll we take to the high seas … by high seas I mean a bay side Sail Kayak adventure.  My pops and I went on a tandem, Hobie Mirage.

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My father invited me to go on this expedition to see what he called,  “the domes”.  Built south of Marco Island and half washed away by recent hurricanes, these are global attraction.  My mind began to wonder of the thought of this interesting site.  I began to imagine native ancient ruins. This was my own worldly self delusion though as we will find out later.  Images like tiki hut structures or clay mounds filled the functioning parts of my brain.  I got really excited about the photo opportunities.  Being a sailing adventure, we had to wait until conditions were right and we had the time off.   A few weeks went by and the planets finally aligned.

Artistic Representation of planetary alignments. I am available NASA, wink wink.


Early March and we left a couple hours before the sun came up.  The drive was three hours. This is when I decide to get crunk on coffee.  Always a smart decision to drink lots of coffee before strenuous activities.  Not that big of a deal though for I am a professional.

We arrived at the dock just in time for sunrise and for the first time in my adult life, I did not have my shutter speed set for the wrong time of day.


And as always we were greeted by pier gangstas.

pelgang pel1 pel2

At this point I had to put away good ol’ Nancy Nikon.  So from here most of the pictures will be stills from the video at the bottom of the page.  If you haven’t checked it out, show some YT love and give it click.


Launching from the dock was super easy.  At this point we have it down to a science and as early as it was, the wind wasn’t an issue.  We were off.  By off I meant pedal power…. and by pedal power, I mean like a bike.  See you don’t use paddle like a kayak.  You use a bike peddle like action.  Below your feet some flippers do flippy stuff and drive the boat forward.  Think of how a duck swims.


Now it was time for paddling and boy did we paddle.  Our first task was to brave mighty, mild currents across the channel.  On this rig mild currents is like peddling uphill in mid gear.   However, there was two of us cranking.  It was not that bad and for me all that coffee was in full swing.  But things were about to change.  As soon as we crossed the channel I spotted a couple of Dolphins.  Or as I like to call them, “sea pigeons” because I see them all over the place.

seapigieon USS Douchery USS Douchery

As this shot was being filmed, I could here a power boat approaching us from behind.  We were not thrilled when they throttled down and asked us if we needed a tow (joking).  He must of seen the look on my face because he had the sense to apologize right away.  In retrospect, I just don’t think he understood how our vessel operated.

Next we came across the watery equivalent of a Go Kart.


Promotion Beak

And it was at this point all the coffee betrayed me.  The water was to shallow to sail and we had been pedaling for about five miles.  My legs were starting to cramp so I just pushed them down with my arms for a while.  It was not far though before we reached open water and could let out the sails.


Then we seen the jet ski pirates from the movie, “Water World” upon the horizon.


Then we found a beach to stop at and stretch our legs and have lunch.  This was the only opportunity I had to bust out Nancy Nikon and I took every advantage of it.

bch1 bch2 bch3

After a can of Sardines and some crackers, it was back to the open water.

Got a leg and know how to use it Got a leg and know how to use it

Only after a couple of minutes under sail, we past the point and I was not expecting what I saw.  The domes appeared off to the right and as we got closer I was surprised at how advanced the indigenous people’s were on the coast.  Closer still I was amazed and even said out loud how closely the domes resembled Greco-Roman architecture.  At that point my heart shattered into a million pieces at the self recognition of my stupidity.  My expectations were subverted.  I was expecting native ruins but instead got a failed Yuppie experiment.  But, I was still impressed and super excited about the images I was able to capture.  They will serve me very well in digital art projects.  Very SciFi and I am happy.


They really new what was what. They really new what was what. Amazing western arches Amazing western arches Wait a second Wait a second The pelican mob now own this joint The pelican mob now own this joint Funny hipsters visting yuppie failures Funny hipsters visting yuppie failures I am going to have a lot of fun with these I am going to have a lot of fun with these

Unfortunately, the water conditions and the crowd of hipsters did not permit beaching up.  I had the Nikon stored and could not get the photos I wanted.  However,  I do plan on coming back next winter and camping out for some night photography.

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Be excellent. Be Blessed and Have a Good One.

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