“Breath” started as an ink and marker drawing done on a 3 x 5 index card. I then brought it into Photoshop to digitally paint over it.  In the details I noticed what looked like a dragon.  So I decided to paint that instead. Over a year ago I sketched the concept. This week I had a little bit of creative block so I decided to apply details to “Breath”.  While I was painting my sister called and we talked about an event she is participating in next may.  She is being sponsored to do a ruck march for fallen heroes. More on that in future post. I painted in details as we spoke on the phone. By the time the conversation was over, “Breath” was print ready.  Click on the pic below the video for prints and merch. Scroll further to explore more things on the website.  Watch the video to see the process and hear about the feels. Feedback is always appreciated, follow the socials and don’t forget to have an outstanding day.

Lemme Know Whacha Thinking

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