Is it to late to make a YouTube Channel?  You see a lot of blog and video Thumbnails with this title.  On this website we are going to find out.  In my previous article I mentioned separating my content and moving my art to another YouTube Channel.   The video below walks though setting up a channel in 2020 and we implement the best practices.

Next time we are going to go over using a Master Template for Channel Art and social media.  I have mine available over on the patreon and on sale below.  But don’t worry in the next post I will show you how to make your own.

Click to purchase Master Social Template

Most the digital products I create are available to my Patreons.  PS brushes, Templates, Reference Photos and more to come in 2020

I appreciate you all stopping by and the taking the time to read the blog and watch the video.  Below is some more content you might like and below that you can find the like, follow and comment sections.  Remember to be the best you can be and I’ll a catch you next time.

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