2020 has been the year of Awesome so far.  But that awesome comes at a cost.  My YouTube channel is growing but posting verity content slows down the growth.  For year the channel was just so I could archive stuff and because I love making videos.  But I some point I wanted to make a channel that will preform better.  I’m getting a little long in the tooth and realized that I cannot do day labor jobs for ever.  Nor do I want to be chained to a desk in the future.  Below is a vlog explaining my thought process.  But for you readers out there, keep scrolling for the short and skinny.

As I mentioned earlier, my main YouTube Channel BAMvfx has the problem of to much verity.  I would post artwork and then post a tutorial or vlog.  This would confuse people looking for my tutorial content.  A lot of my tutorials helps content creators that are not interested in digital painting.  Also, people looking for the Art are not always interested in a video editing tutorial.  I have had a successful channel before but shut it down in 2017.  It was about conspiracy theories.  That world just became to dark and depressing and I felt it was effecting my mental health.  What made that channel work was that it had focused content.  So this year we are going to apply the same to my other channel by breaking it up into three  channels.


The main channel (BAMvfx) has a majority audience of content creators looking for tutorial and learning content.  Due to the established subscriber base, that will be the focus of the main Channel.

I have created another channel to move the Art Content to (BAMvfx Art).  On this channel people will find all my art content.  Both new and old.  Digital Sketchbook, Work Doodles, Canvas Stuff will all be there eventually.  I have a lot of content to move over there but I have to be aware of the algorithm.  The robots won’t look kindly to posting 700 videos in a short amount of time.  So we will take it day by day.  This also gives me the opportunity to provide voice over context to the videos.  Most of them are just time lapse videos with background music.  So it will be fun to revisit them and attempt to remember the state of mind I was in while painting them.  Also the new stuff will be posted there.  I’ll bounce back a forth from old and new.  This new channel also grants the opportunity to make a tutorial for the main channel.  As I build this channel up, I am going to show the process and review the analytics on the original channel.

the old school digital sketchbook

Finally, I have a commentary itch that needs to be scratched.  I have created a third channel for me to rant and ramble about live.  This channel is just for fun and to document the behind the scenes.  No focus, no worries, just a place for the ADHD side of my brain to play.  This Channel is called BAM Dailies. My goal here is to attempt to make a vlog everyday.  But I have a long to go on my discipline.

So that is the plan for BAMvfx YouTube in 2020.  If you enjoy content from these channels please take a moment to go to YouTube and Subscribe.  The majority of my views come from this website.  My viewership is going up with repeat viewers but the sub count crawls in comparison.  Must of my views come from embedded videos.  Meaning you guys.

Thank you kindly for stopping and remember to be the best you that you can be.

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