Below is a tutorial on how to use the Elementor Media Carousel.  I have it in both video and keep scrolling for a brief tutorial in blog format but more information is provided in the video.
The Media Carousel is located on the left sided control panel.  It requires Elementor Pro (Click Here) for affiliate link to upgrade to Pro.
Drag the Media Carousel into the Widget Box
The Left Control Panel will change.  From here you can select Carousel or Slide Show.  You have options to add and remove slides, add effects, the number of slides per view and more.
Once you click on an Item it will allow you to upload the desired photo and also turn the photo into a link.  Below is an example of how I use the Media Carousel.  You can even convert into a global widget so you do don’t have to reinvent the wheel and and update the Carousel on every page.
I build my Websites using WordPress.  If you want to get started building your own awesome website.  Below is a WP affiliate link that helps support BAMvfx.

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