This is my first post produced by my mobile phone. I have been falling in love with posting. Unfortunately bills must be paid. Currently I spend 50 to 65 hours cleaning pools. Not a bad job. It is pretty laid back. However I feel the Sun is relentless in its pursuit to kill me. I see my coworkers coming to work with holes in their arms a faces from all the cancer dug out. So in the fall I but my nose to learn as much as I can about growing my art and design. My plan is to working from the office and out of the sun by fall. A realistic goal and for the most part I am on track.

New Start Up

But, while at the day job I’m starting to get bad anxiety. Especially if I hadn’t posted any content on this site or YouTube. This morning I decided I have to make more sacrifices. I am not at my peak health. I’ve eaten fast food and junk out of convenience for to long. I’ve been drinking way to much out of stress along with vaping. After the day job I’m exhausted. I try to wake up at 3 am to produce content but sometimes I sleep right through my alarm.

Today is one of those mornings. So the line must be drawn here. Nothing can be done about the day job, so I’m going spartan until I can sustain myself. Nothing but fruit, meat and water diet. So far the not vaping is the most difficult. But I have the perspective that the pain of withdrawals are reminders of the goals I want to achieve. So far that’s been working well for me.

So why am I writing about all this? Well content. To elevate the guilt of having nothing to post. See, last night I was editing a tutorial and was starting to feel a little generic. It was a reminder not to be the middle of the bell curve. Don’t get me wrong the content will stay its course. But needless to say I got frustrated and went to bed. Then woke up late.

Later in the day I found I can post through the mobile app. I pretty happy about that. I more ways then one. I want to treat this blog and website as authentic as possible. I’ve been doing so many tutorials I worry eventually I’ll sound like a Looper video. Blogging on the go allows me to maintain my identity and humanity. I can touch base with the community and hash out perspective. In a couple hours it will be back to editing video. I have a lot of fun content coming out soon as well.

Work in Progress

I appreciate you guys for stopping by and reading my rambles. Remember to be the best you that you can be. And have a Gooden.

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