ArtCast Photonic 2020 4 Hours into Elvira Portrait and Curses
In this Artcast we finally go back and work on some details of “The Photonic 2020”.  October was ridiculously challenging.  I am positive that I have a curse.  An October curse.  It seems that every other October I get bombarded with bad luck and bad news.  But, then the next October will be super awesome.  This year I was prepared.  I just picked at projects where I could and focused on the website.  As well as, organization.  Now in November it is paying off.  “The Photonic Dragon”, has an endless supply of Digital Sketchbook ideas and I am pretty sure I will be working on that painting well into 2021.
Most of my Art Streams moving forward will have a formula.
First Two Hours – Work on Digital Sketchbook Project
Hour Three –  Work on Portrait, Value, Anatomy, Master Study etc.
Hour Four –  Edit the video for an Artcast
This formula allows me to forge forward on my original content as well as extending my skill sets and visual library.
Going into hour four of the “Elvira” portrait, I am feeling more and more confident  (at least at the end of the hour).  I must admit when I opened the file last night I thought, “this is as good as I remember”.  But after an hour of Rhinoplasty and some epic shadow carving, I started to see Elvira again.
I appreciate you reading this.  Below are some links to my channels and twitches as well as some Elvira links that will leave you in stitches.
Don’t forget to be the best you that you can be.
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