In this Artcast, we jump into the deep end and start doing portraits again.  I really struggle doing these but it seems have gotten easier.  Probably because I have such an awesome subject.  Elvira Mistress of the Dark.  I can usually draw monsters and landscapes well but smooth textures scare.  Well, it is spooky season and the time of year when we do scary stuff.  On another note,  October has been a real struggle in my personal life and that is why my content slowed to a trickle.  It look as though the worst is behind us though and I have a large back log of content so we are going to finish the year strong.  Please consider visiting my YT channels, Patreons, Twitch Etc.  Links will be below and well as relevant links to subjects of the Artcast.  Thanks for being awesome.

Transcript from YouTube alrighty our cast podcast i am your spooktacular host editor joshua yeah well well blocking in elvira i wanted to get back to uh try on portraits i don’t know for whatever reason i woke up this morning and it’s like okay you need to you need to get back to learning how to you know actually paint you know it’s fun doing the abstract stuff everything else but whatever reason i had i had a fire in my belly to actually you know try to try to paint something in our world people places that that’s a few landscapes but i’ve done a few portraits too i just find them very challenging because it’s a it’s a real test of the skill but you know it’s uh portraits from what i hear pay the bills and i was starting to learn to like you know obviously make somebody entertaining and who’s more entertaining than elvira she’s awesome still looks the same go check out her video i’ll leave a link in the description she’s uh trying to save halloween which i think is is awesome and i think last portrait i did was uh aaron eisenberg from uh deep space nine who played a nog a ferengi you know and um painting uh

painting faces like that like like monster faces like a ferengi yeah you know things like that i i find those rough textures easier to paint i should really struggle with smooth tones so if i’m going to be frustrated i might as well be frustrated looking at elvira and uh i think i’m going to change up how i make these artcast podcasts i think i’m going to make them shorter videos like uh and not complete works like like i’ll do a whole digital sketchbook in one and then that puts a lot of pressure on me so i think whenever i paint the next day before i paint again i’ll just make a quick video you know explaining what else what else going on this is about 40 minutes of painting i’m going to continue to work on this so you’re probably going to be seeing a lot of elvira and i’m also to behind me i made a made an easel out of a light stand and uh i’m gonna start start painting on on canvas too and i’ve got that set up to be able to live stream and record as well that was that was the only thing really really holding me back so super excited i’m muddling through every other october is the first october i either have a really awesome october or really challenging october and this october has been been very challenging but it’s it’s almost over even though i don’t want it to be i think the rest of this year i’m just gonna stay in halloween actually i’m gonna stay in halloween until halloween 2021 talk about horror movies and stuff and and keep the aesthetic you know just because i guess that’s what elvira would do we’re just gonna go with it i don’t know outside of that i appreciate you stopping by links in the description check out bam dailies for fun commentary and then um there’s gaming in there too click all the bells hit all the likes hit the subs do whatever it is you gotta do and be the best you that you can be take it easy have a good one later yeah oh oh yeah um website groovy later

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