A photo study of a photograph I took over ten years ago in Cocoa Beach Florida.  Prints and Merch available of the original photograph below the blog and video.

Cocoa Cool was a real confidence booster for me.  I set myself a 2 hour time limit and it was an adventure.  I was really getting nervous in the first hour.  All the shapes on the upper right side were intimidating.  But by Thor’s hammer we knocked most of those wood planks in place.  The Cocoa Beach Pier is were this photo was taken on a chilly winter morning.  It is about 3 miles away from my favorite surf spot.  That day provided some really great sets.

I’m really excited the new BAMvfx Art Channel is all caught up on content and I can finally post new art to the website.  I got some really fun stuff in the queue.  Keep scrolling for prints and more content you might like.  Thanks for stopping by and be the best you that you can be.

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