Good day everyone.  I have been working hard on a new tutorial series about a social media master file PSD.  It is taking longer than anticipated.  Having to step away I dug up this old time lapse.  “Night Life” was one of the first paintings I sold.  At the time I had gotten an Iwata Eclipse Airbrush kit (affiliate link at the bottom of post).  I learned a lot of the Airbrush techniques from Lachri Fine Art YouTube Channel.  Especially the glowing orbs.  Currently my airbrush kit is tucked away awaiting me to get a new needle and compressor.  After watching this video it brought back fond memories and motivates me to save for parts.  The video below has more information in the voice over and is viewed best with the sound on.

My only regret is that I never got a better picture of “Night Life” before I sold it.  I was new to posting on social media at the time.  I look forward to more like these in the future.

I appreciate you stopping by.  Below is an Affiliate link to an Iwata on Amazon.  Affiliate links help me keep my content banner ad free and allow for aesthetic independence.  Below the link is some other content you may like.  Then if you keep scrolling there is a comment box for feedback.  Outside of that, thanks again and have an outstanding rest of your day.

Click here to check out the Iwata – Medea Eclipse Airbrush Set.

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