Take Us To Your Flapjacks
UFOs and Alien Culture has been a large part of my life since I was very young.  I vividly remember dreams and television reenactments of close encounters.  Shows like Unsolved Mysteries, Sightings and The X-Files gave me chills.  I also have memories of personal encounters.  Also, some non memories as well (if that makes any sense).  I have kept those mostly private and only told people really close.  In a future post I’ll probably disclose the things that had happened. Or at least how I remember what happened.  As an adult, not a month goes by without me having a vivid dream or two about Armada’s of craft ripping the fabric of space and invading our skies.  They have become so common that I am not even phased by them anymore.  In my dreams I think, “oh we are doing this again … Ok, well I guess it is time to start hiding loved ones? … Again”.
As for this design, I had set myself a date to come up with and start painting a T-Shirt for February.  The day came and I had few Ideas.  I want to take my last painting and convert it into a shirt but I was itching to do something else.  I pondered Ideas at the day job because I did not want to spend the stream brainstorming.  For some reason the idea of Pancakes being abducted popped into my brain matter. I kept dismissing it.  But it persisted.  The final design was very close to what I imagined.  A flapjack stack, syrup, melted butter illuminated by an all to familiar teal beam.  The only difference in what I imagined was the UFO.  I decided to go with the simplified sombrero craft of 50’s scifi because it is instantly recognizable and doesn’t draw away from the main subject of the Flapjacks. 
This design is available in both a T-Shirt and Poster and can be found below.  A lucky Patreon will receive a choice between a T or a Poster on this Sunday.  Don’t miss out I only have a couple of Patreons as of posting this so the chances are pretty good of the Flapjacks invading your doorstep.
Anyway, I appreciate you reading this.  Don’t forget to be the best you that you can be.  Take it easy. Later, laters.
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