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The modern internet is content driven.  Blogs, videos, social post are all imperative to connect with your network.  Many business are not getting the most out of the content they produce.  Content creators and business will build an awesome looking website only to do nothing with them.  The website is a brand’s most effective online tool.  Social platforms come and go but having your own domain allows for rapid adaptability to an ever evolving internet culture.  For the past few years I have consulted business on how to find a good web designer.  I found a bulk of webdesign and marketing companies will just build a site that is visually pleasing and then over charge for ineffective SEO.  We can make a more effective site for less.  Our websites are built from the ground up.  During the development process we create a relationship with our partners.  Along the way we offer training on how to effectively use your domain.  The days of, “set it and forget it” are over. We will simplify the process.  BAMvfx’s websites will organize your content for you.



What a BAMvfx web package includes

  1. Exploratory: We review the goals of your page, scout the competition and mind map site strategy.
  2. Content:  Together we determine the content your page will produce and plan the tagging and category infrastructure.  This step ensures your sites navigation flow and keeps content organized.
  3. Pages:  It’s time to start build the pages, portfolios and categories.  Ensuring functionality and navigation.
  4. Customize:  Each page is reviewed and customized.  We spend the time together to make sure each page is unique but maintains a unified feel.
  5. Testing:  Now we systematically go through and text the sites functionality.  We test for responsiveness and assure the site looks great on any device.
  6. Migration:  We take existing content from the old website or social platforms and post the content to your new site.
  7. Training:  We create custom tutorials and teach you how to drive your site.  We simplify the posting and editing process so you can manage your site moving forward.
  8. Launch and Overview:  We launch the site and discuss your social marketing strategy.

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