Welcome, we are getting into hour six of the Elvira Portrait.  Hope your day is going well.  Last week was a crazy week for us all and I am for one am glad that most of us can move forward.  In this Artcast I discuss the blending the values and using color overlays.  I did not stream during this section.  I just wanted to relax and paint.  As I was painting I found a delightful video to watch on Elvira’s YouTube Channel called “Bride of Monster Mania”.  It talks about the history of women in horror and scifi movies and the phycology behind those roles.  Also, I found a Elvira 90’s sitcom pilot that I thought was great with some classic Elvira puns.  It is definitely worth a watch. 

     I really started to get my confidence in this painting.  This session I really felt like I could turn the throttle up.  Anxiety took a back seat and I feel I broke the wall.  I am looking forward to more portraits.  I took a different approach with this as well.  I wanted to focus on the values of the piece but color it with a color layer.  I was highly impressed with the results.  As soon as I applied the color, the suddelties in variance popped out and I was thrilled. 

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