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A while back I was contacted by my Avatar from 12.5 million years in the future and in a potential timeline.  It reached out via Facebook.  Somehow, it is able to contact us via social media.  It informed me that the galactic entity made it sentient in order to understand it’s origins.  I had many questions and it had few answers.  It maintained the name BAM Dailies the same as what I called my Online Avatar for social commentary.  BAM Dailies informed me that by loading the Plotimantium into the Plot Device, it started a new time connection.  His problem was that he did not have anything to do.  Any assets I make now will appear in the same amount of relative time from BAM’s perspective.


So I built him and his friends a Headquarters until we can assemble a spaceship to explore a manufactured reality.  


I built this using the Unreal 4 Engine from the ground up.  I didn’t not really have much of a plan and I still have a lot to learn about the software.   What is neat is that UE4 will drop free assets.  So I BAM has farm animals now.  


I also got some cool particle textures that will come into play later. I found that the doorway blocks access to the building so I had to create my own out of rocks. It took me a while to figure out the surreal look I wanted from the sky. Once I got the four walls up the ideas really started to flow.  I wanted to make a few different set pieces for him to make videos from.  I wanted to make the pathway epic in scope.  I set him up with a computer station so he can talk shit on the Twitter.  Creating the stairways I found most challenging.


I wanted to make a hallway to showcase my Artwork and to make seasonal intros for my Art Channel.  Having a super reflective surface I get some interesting abstract compositions.  Arranging the lighting is probably my favorite part.  The sad thing about digital art is that it is expensive if you want to have a gallery.  With this I have created a virtual gallery.  


I found the science lab assets.  I love these power nodes.  Eventually the Plot Device is going to become the warp core of Dailies’ ship.  This other building I plan on using for sets on the interior of the ship.  


Finally I built the scaffolding in case I wanted to 3d model the ship and have an Episode showing It’s assembly.


I am highly impressed with UE 4 engine and like how easy it was for me to figure out what to do.

Below I will have a link.  Last time I checked the engine is still free to use.  Check out the BAM Dailies YouTube Channel for Movie Reviews and social commentary.  

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