In the video below I discuss my experience so far with the new app Story Fire. Below that I blog on how I plan to use the app.

I have been mulling over how I am going to use story fire for about a week now.  I wanted to see how it worked and how people interact.  I have been having a positive experience here and really enjoy the Story writing feature. I think it is really great to see how long a creator can hold the reader’s attention. A creator can use the feature as teaching tool to understand what works and what does not. But still I had the dilemma of just what in the applesauce to put on here. Do I write short stories? Do I write commentary? Do I write reviews? Then it came to me. I made an animated vlog channel called BAMDailies on the YT.  The goal was to provide daily commentary vlogs and tell jokes.Unfortunately, I lack the discipline at the moment. Not to mention have a full time job, run three other active YT channels and web site. I still have faith I can manage the animated vlog channel. I just have to manage the workflow. 
I am going to use my stories like comedians use “The Comedy Store”.  To hash out the material and get the bad ideas out of the way.  Concepts from the stories I can develop into my other content.  That way when I press the record button I have a more structured Idea of what I am going to talk about.  Along with a better idea of what works and what does not. This story was a little dry and was more just thinking out loud.  So if you struck that match this far I’ll leave you with an interesting thought that made my irl friends laugh. So Wal Mart is going to make everyone wear mask.  Sure ok Wal Mart cannot even enforce it’s customers to wear pants. A couple of days later, Wal Mart rolled back this policy and I said “What did I tell you” That’s all I got for today. I look forward to a fun and interesting relationship with this app. Be the best you that you can be and have a good one.  Later Later. 
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