Fridays I plan on reviewing the previous weeks post and web pages to help keep myself on track.  Lately do to the Covid scenario I have dropped the ball on my creative responsibilities.  During the day I have an essential job cleaning pools for an “essential” wage.  I am thankful to be working.  However I worked myself into burnout.  Between the 90 degree heat and allergies my body and mind shut down yesterday.  This morning I woke up with a sinus infection.  Scary time to feel sick.  I am happy that I spent last week creating content and I have finally honed in my system.  Being sick has given me time to reflect and realize my age.  I am getting to old to be in the sun all day.  So I found myself looking for other jobs.  I defaulted to labor and retail jobs.  Even in this job market I am confident I can snag about any one I would apply for.  A feeling of dread then washed over me.  What am I doing with myself?  Why am I looking and defaulting to entry level jobs?  I have spent years developing skill sets and have freelanced Digital Design in the past.  The easy answer is a case of impostor syndrome.  I switched gears and looked to see what kind of job opening are for graphic design and video editing.  Those job listings were not to appealing and in short supply.  I expected that.  This is the gig economy.

These revelations motivated me.  I already have the infrastructure, licence and know how to go back to freelance and gig design.  With more people working from home, design assets are in high demand.  So I dusted off my old fiverr account and reviewed the Design section of this website.  Sadly it feels neglected.  So my short solution is stay at my current job a little longer but really focus on design in the evenings.  I will continue to paint when I can but until I can pay the bills with design and leave my day job I will have to pull back from my art a little bit.  That is kind of a bummer but I am also really excited about my new founded sense of agency.

Now that we have came up with a game plan lets look to see what we have done this week.

The Unphotographable Nebula was the first video and post in a couple weeks from when the lockdown began.  Doing lockdown I had focused on just painting and had little motivation to write or edit video.  Click the thumbnail to learn more.

Planet Morrisville from the original Digital Sketchbook.  I remember this one being a return to my celestial roots.  I incorporated photography elements and combined them with the previous sketch’s artwork.  The video is fun to watch.

click the pic for full blog Click the pic to see the full blog

I stopped doing the spray paint art about a year ago.  But for what ever reason I didn’t think to move the content to the BAMvfx Art YouTube Channel. This is one of the first ones I recorded for youtube back in 2014.  Now the video has narration.  It brought back a lot of fun memories reviewing the process.

The Emerald King is the 7th Digital Sketch from the 2020 Digital Sketchbook.   As of typing this it is April 15th (what should have been tax day).  Looks like the 2020 book is getting to a bad start.  This year have been very distracting to say the least.

The Emerald King 4.3 2020 Click the Pic for the full vlog

“Royal Lament” is one of my favorite photo bashings.  It has a dark history, however.  A major point of interest in my life is End Time Prophecy and physic history.  Along with the occult.  Don’t worry, I am not going to get all, “woo” and have some doomsday call to action at the End of this post.  Other than ordering prints and hitting that amazing subscription button.

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