MA Taylor is my go to source for art selling and buying questions.  He is very approachable and extremely knowledgeable.  He manages a couple of Facebook art groups that are very supportive and encouraging.  I don’t think I have seen a content creator as engaged with the art community as he is.  Every week he provides in depth insights about the artistic world.  Scroll below, follow the groups and subscribe to the blogs.

His art is also incredible. So check out his Art Store (links also below).  Also, clicking on the pictures goes right to prints.

My three favorite pieces are:

“Disclosure”, this piece officially made me an art buyer.  It was the first piece I ever bought that was not from a street performer or character artist at at theme park.  Teal colors, space and aliens what is not to love about “Disclosure”?

“Lake Midnight” is an absolutely stunning representation of the beauty of night.  I feel it really nails the color values of ambient light against the fog and water reflections.

All about the eyes.  “Synaptic Awakening”, really pulls you in with the focal point of the eyes.  The almost digital fade into abstraction conveys a visual representation of the complexity of brain functions.  At least that is how I see it.

Beachhouse Media has some of the most informative blogs about art that you will find on the web.

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