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The first hour I spent in Photoshop block in shape and color palette.

I used rulers and guides to line up the eyes, chin and face structure.

ep1hour 69862811_10214507533385978_4810628856333467648_o

Hour two we broke out the Wacom Tablet and stylist.

Still focusing on shape and form,  I will move the layer over the picture.  Toggling the layer on and off I can find my errors.

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Hour three really attempted to fine tune the proportions and expand the colors.  I was starting to feel more confident at this point.  I rarely do portraits and was nervous going into this project.

Darth Sidious

Hour 4.5 was working the details and adding the background.  I don’t think this is the last we will see of Darth Sidious.  In fact he is an element for a larger piece I working.  Follow the socials below to stay current and be excellent.


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