Deposed Queen ” Is a concept that came from another digital painting, “Crystal Caves“. This was the first painting I did where I thought, “I can do that with pens and office supplies”. I really like how it turned out. So much so, that I created 12 digital pieces out of the one you see pictured. Creatively I think it was influenced by the political climate of the summer of 2016. Most of my Artwork comes from a painting family tree.

Listed here is “Deposed Queen’s” tree:

Flint Flounder, Disclosure, Crystal Caves, Deposed Queen

The Original Digital Deposed Queen
Published Jun 18, 2016

This was the original Digital Sketch from the work “Crystal Caves”.  Originally uploaded on June 18, 2016.  I feel subconsciously, I was influenced by the election that year.  Four months later the United States had a deposed queen. “spooooookkkkyyy”.



I then traced the outline from my desktop to drawing paper.   This way I could ink and color pencil it a my day job.

After work I would take a picture of my progress and bring it into Photoshop.  I would zoom in on the image and use the, Pareidolia Effect “  to create the following sketches for my Digital Sketchbook . 

Really Hot Springs from Deposed Queen
Published August 27, 2016

I believe I was watching a lot of the 80’s cartoon intros at the time I created, “Really Hot Springs”. I was really pumped for the potential of this series.  I knew eventually the colors would get dark so I wanted the first to have an orange punchy kind of flavor.



Strolling Beneath
Published Aug 29, 2016

“Strolling Beneath”, I learned a lesson in indecisiveness.  I saw an under water landscape and also what seemed to be a stranger spotlighted in a old Victorian ally.  I try not to put more then three hours on a sketch.  This one became an abstract.



Late summer I start thinking about monsters and Gothic settings.  “Keying of Dracu Castle”,  I started to feel a little froggy with my video editing.  The,”Keying” part of the title comes from keying out the background in the video editor.

Keying of Dracu
Published Aug 30, 2016
Published Sep 2, 2016

I thought about the lessons I learned from the last digital sketch and ran with it.  I started seeing this one while I was painting, “Strolling Beneath”.  Really played with the color keying and animated moon.  I spent a little extra time on this  one.  Check it out. It is one of my favorites.


Augmented Saigon from Deposed Queen
Published Sep 8, 2016

“Augmented Saigon”, sigh…  While I was painting this there was a lot of current events.  The frustration with what was shown on the news really came out in this dark work.  And we still had an election to look forward too.

Pond of Melt from Deposed Queen.
Published Sep, 18 2016

After, “Augmented Saigon” I needed to bring things more zen.  I remember getting real lost in, “Pond of Melt”.  Water, forest and swamps made me forget about the outside.  The comfort of the teal blue light is tempting me to rest while writing this.



Dow Crystal Trail from Deposed Queen
Published Oct 2, 2016


Getting closer to Halloween 2016. “Dow Crystal Trail” brings back our Victorian stranger and some creepy tombstones manifested along this frozen, high altitude trail.



City Folk from Deposed Queen
Published Nov, 5 2016


Taking it to the streets with, “City Folk”.  This one worked with some action poses and city lights.  I had a lot of fun with the water design as well.



Old Traveler from Deposed Queen
Published May 24, 2017

And then… I guess I took a break.  We jump ahead to May 2017 when I pick up the project again.  “Old Traveler” had so much potential when it started out.  I ended up disappointed with this one at the end of the day.


Published Jun 13, 2017

But then.. I felt redeemed when I sketched, “Lizzad”.  An absolute blast to make and edit.  While painting, I planned ahead and made the tongue flicker for the time lapse.

Waves from Deposed Queen
Published Jun 13, 2017


“Waves” I was starting to feel the burnout (Like trying to finish this article).  A bit uninspired but only one left and it’s the best.



“Forgotten Observation” painted it’self.  It applied all the best elements from the series.  At first I thought, “after Forgotten I’ll probably paint one more.  However, I felt this final sketched could not be beat.  It was time to stop.

Forgotten Observation
Published Jun 27, 2017

Sadly It took me over a year to organize these all together in one video.  Today in mid Oct 2018, Deposed Queen is finally  in complete context.  It was a great adventure and I am getting ready to start another.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read about the, “Deposed Queen”.  I am an artist and graphic designer.  Don’t forget to follow the social links and stop by my twitch. Most nights (MST) I am painting in the Art community. 

I would love to hear your thoughts.  Keep scrolling and leave a comment.  Check out the services and the shop.  If you feel so compelled, help me keep the lights on in the tip jar.  “Deposed Queen” Original will be available soon for purchase.  If interested send me a message through the contact form (serious inquires only please).

The original “Deposed Queen”

Pen, Ink, Highlighters, color pencils this is a MiXed Media work. Framed and ready to hang (12' X 15'). Deposed Queen was the jumping off point for a lot of digital art in my Digital Sketchbook series and helped boost my Art career. FREE SHIPPING (United States)


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