Happy Halloween!!


I couple of weeks back I stumbled across this lady when I was cleaning the back yard.  I have a healthy fear of spiders and usually kill on site.   Before I jumped into primal action I thought, “She would make some good stock footage”.  I filmed her struggling with dinner for 5 to 10 minutes.  We actually had a little history too.  A few months prior I found her when I was cleaning the grill and thought I got her with the pressure washer.  I wrecked her home once, tried to kill her, she survived and rebuilt.  Needless to say I could not come to preforming my instinctual duties.  She is outside, not harming anyone and keeping the other pest at bay.  The violence stops here.  I started catching grass hoppers for her and tossing them in the web.  A peace offering.  I have an new found respect.  Oddly enough I sleep better now, knowing we have a Warrior Queen outside defending us from more aggressive spiders and scaring off vermin.

Lemme Know Whacha Thinking

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