Grommel of Melt was painted based off a photo taken by a good friend.  She preheated the oven and forgot about the contents.  Thus giving birth to the monster I overpainted. 

Grommel lives in an alien sewer and feeds off of whatever cannot be treated.  A bio mechanic being it is designed to assist in waste processing.  Due to the fall of the Alien civilization, it is unknown when Grommel was engineered. But it is estimated to be hundreds years old (based off it’s planet’s orbit).  It secretes enzymes that break down most organic matter.  This is one beast you do not want to cross paths with.

Grommel is an overpainting done in Photoshop and part of my Digital Sketchbook Series.  I used some elements from previous paintings.  Click the pics to check them out.

Originally published Nov 6 2016 on the YouTubes.  Keep scrolling to like, leave feedback and follow the socials.  Thanks 🙂

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