New Wave Watercolor

I was asked in the live stream Twitch.tv BAMvfx why I use black paper.  Well, I don’t. It starts as white and then I saturate the paper with water. Next I spread black and Prussian blue water color.  In the Art Podcast above I discuss the imaginative processes of what I think about while I paint.  I go over some interesting techniques I use to create different effects. I also give my outlook on how time will continue and we will see the other side of the current crisis.   Go ahead and give it a listen.   I really enjoy making these five to ten minute art podcast.  It give me the opportunity to organize my thoughts on life and the would. It also allows me to reflect on the processes I undergo while painting. I appreciate you stopping by.  Down below are some other articles you might like.  Scroll further to check out the gift shop and well as find the affiliate links to the products that make this all possible.  Outside of that, be the best you that can be and have a great day.

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