The third session we had a rough go at it. Thursday night my computer crashed and I was up until midnight fixing it. The next I looked forward to returning to the portrait all day. Being Friday I thought I would paint all night. Sadly, after and hour I was exhausted. I went to bed at 9pm and planned on waking up at 3am. Painting in the early morning is my favorite time to paint. With minimum distractions I am most productive at that time. But my lazy butt woke up at 8am. I guess my body needed to catch up. I awoke to the hell of allergies that caused chronic sneezing. So I took my medication. The medication made my drowsy. So, I had three cups of coffee. I forced myself to paint as my hands shook like a paint mixer. But I broke through the other side. Looking back I wish I had started this one in greyscale.