So I had simple plans for tonight’s stream.  I had a bunch of dreams last night and just wanted to go back to bed.  But, I got up and posted to my Patreon what the plan was for the stream tonight.  I decided to Paint Ernest P. Worrell. The subject of the stream would be the subject for the stream to be Dreams.  I woke in the morning thinking, “ah this shit again …. Reality”.  Thinking about responsibilities, bills, having to go to work really demoralized me.  A few minutes earlier I was in a wooden Mech suite flying around Manhattan fighting giant demons.  Then just like that back to the grind.  I thought it would be interesting to discuss our views on what dreams are.  On my Patreon I posted this. 
 “Just waking up but am excited about getting started on the next portrait tonight after work.  Tonight I will be streaming on the BAMvfx Art channel on YouTube.  I had a lot of wild dreams last night so I think I will talk about dreaming in general during the stream and making it the subject for the Vlog on BAM Dailies.  How do you guys feel about dreams?  Do you think they are insightful or do you think dreams are just defragging your brain’s memory?  Do dreams help with your creativity?”
During the day I started breaking down what I knew about dreams and thought it would make for an interesting series.  So in my free time I started creating an outline.
I was super jazzed to get home and stream.  I got everything set up and five minutes into the stream I noticed lag in photoshop.  I opened task manager and found my CPU at 100%.  I checked the C: Drive.  That was fine.  I finally noticed my bitrate in the stream was at 20,000. To put that in perspective 4k is streamed at 8,000.  I got that fixed but ran into other problems during the stream and had internet issues and more processing problems.  Needless to say, “I had all the problems of a theme park and a petting zoo”.  
But we pushed through on painting and I got a couple of hours in on the Ernest portrait.  We didn’t talk much about Dreaming but that is ok.  It gives me another day to organize my thoughts.  Tomorrow night I’ll be rearranging my set up again.  This way I can resolve some of the issues I faced last night.  Most notably bumping my knees and elbows.
That is all I have for today.  But my stuff if you want to.  Most importantly don’t forget to be the best you that you can be.  Thanks for stopping by. Later, Laters. 

Lemme Know Whacha Thinking

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