This is a new concept for the channel.  In mid October I woke up with a hunger to paint portraits.  As many of you know I paint mostly surreal abstract stuff but I reached a point where I wanted to evolve.  In the spirit of Halloween I painted the Mistress of the Dark herself Elvira.  As I was finishing the portrait up I started thinking about who I could paint next.  My social group suggested more fan art.  Like the Manalorian,  Overwatch characters, Marvel etc.   As much as I loved these suggestions, the idea of becoming another fan artist does not appeal to me.   Fan art just seem like swimming in a large school of fish.  I have stacks of characters and stories that I want to tell but I need to build up my visual library first.  A couple of days later I was listening to futurism with Issac Arther and I had thought.  I could do fan of the content creators who influence me and introduce them to you guys.   I have made a lot of tutorials and help a lot of folks in the DMs.  But I learned all that stuff from internet university.  Over the past ten years I have found some real winners after slogging though the good, the bad and the ugly of informmation on the web.  Portrait of a Creator can be used as a stepping stone to find entertaining and informative content and for me I get to improve my skills as an artist.  I have no intention of selling and prints of these creators likeness.  I am really excited about this project.

Lemme Know Whacha Thinking

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